Vegan Town USA Will Soon be Vegan Town [All Countries]

Vegan Town USA isn’t just a cool restaurant review blog created by myself. “Vegan Town” is a verb.  If you order something vegan at a meat-centric restaurant  using a gift card or gift certificate you won or got as a freebie, then you “vegan-towned” the restaurant.  Think how cool you are.  You won the prize away from an ig’nant meat eater and made a statement to the restaurant that you won’t stand for animal products because you object to the Animal Holocaust.

Sure, vegan-towning can take some effort and research, but it’s cool.  If you make good income anyway, then it may not be worth your time, but if you’re in the working class and sick of being nickel ’n dimed, then vegan-towning can be a fun way to dine.

Sure, you may be surrounded by ig’nant meat eaters at a restaurant, but once vegan-towning becomes more popular, the community will start to look a lot more friendly.  Vegan-towning is a community service and you don’t have to stick with the USA.  I just happen to live in the USA.

I don’t know what other countries you can vegan-town in, but let me know if you can pull it off.  Some countries may not have food assistance programs, but they might have sweepstakes. (Talia Ralph, “Hey Canada, Why Don’t You Have Food Stamps?”, Munchies (June 13, 2014).) (See for Canadian sweeps.)  Vegan-towning is an objection to a system of exploitation.

As far as I’ve noticed, there are the vegans, there are the prize-winners/freebie-getters, and there are those who are neither, but how many vegans like to win?  I might send vegan Social Samplers to vegans and non-vegans on Facebook, but they usually aren’t interested.  On the other hand, I could send them to a freebie-person who is happy to claim a free vegan product and send one back as well.  Getting free stuff may not be worth some people’s time, but since many suffer from economic hardship, more people might want to get into vegan-towning.

How do you start to Vegan Town? First, I suggest local on air contests.  Make sure you learn each station’s rules and calendar your wins so you’ll know when you are eligible again.  (Sometimes each station at a broadcast company has the same rules, but not always. And sometimes the rules change.)

You can often win a gift card to a restaurant on the radio in the weeks preceding Restaurant Week. (You’ll need to get familiar with the regular contests on your local stations.)  I don’t know how many counties (or cities, states, districts, regions, market areas, or whatever) have Restaurant Week, but it’s big in San Diego County and when I took a trip to Des Moines, IA, I noticed they also had it.  Thus, I suspect it’s pretty popular. (A superficial Google search reveals that Los Angeles, New York City, Palm Springs Desert Resorts, D.C., Oakland, Nashville, Hawaii, Boston, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Cape Cod, Hudson, Atlantic City, Minneapolis, Dayton, Inlander, Kalamazoo, Newport, Las Vegas, Orange County, Coral Gables, Fredericksburg Virginia, Philadelphia, Richmond, Hershey, Frederick County, Greenville SC, Vermont, Chicago, and Howard County also have it.)

Next, look into sweepstakes and freebies.  Websites like and can help you out.  If you need codes for local online contests, try  If you want to try new vegan products in exchange for reviewing them online, try  But like I said, if you make good income already, it may not be worth your time.

I, myself, invested a lot of time and effort into finding a decent paying job only to find that job opportunities aren’t handed out based on merit, but rather sexism, nepotism, and butt-kissing.  I could say even more, but I’m actually a plaintiff in a lawsuit and shouldn’t even talk about it.  My goal is actually to get on a payroll to qualify for a mortgage so that I can buy a house.  Sure, there are some house giveaways in sweepstakes, but I don’t know how many people win those.  Sure, some people may marry someone older and less attractive to get a house, but I’ve always refused to be a whore.  How about you?

Adam Levine says the best part of being famous is that it enables him to “‘get a reservation at any restaurant in town at any town.’”  (“Why Adam Levine’s Not Making Money as a Movie Star,”, July 2, 2014, p. 9.)  Well, poor nobodies can dine in fancy restaurants too, if they win gift cards, and making a reservation in advance is not that difficult.  How would Levine feel if he was so oppressed by the ruling elite he couldn’t buy a house?


2 thoughts on “Vegan Town USA Will Soon be Vegan Town [All Countries]

  1. davey says:

    Omg jill’s the best!!!!

  2. […] That’s another way to vegan-town: purchasing local deal vouchers using promo codes (see the “about” page for more information.)  In this case, ReaderCity was nice enough to give out $5 promo codes as […]

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