Carrots at Wing-Stop, Brandless, PINCHme, Robinhood, Veggie Grill, & Carma Project Referrals

Wing-Stop in San Clemente, CA. I brought my own BBQ sauce & homemade vegan ranch dip.

Years ago I won gift cards to Wing-Stop on the radio, which was super smart because a carnist would have gladly taken them to get some free fried death.  (Wings are for flight, not mastication.  People who chew the flesh off dead bones look disgusting.) Too bad more vegans didn’t come up with the idea; they could have started a carrot revolution.  Carrots are Wing-Stop’s best item.  They also have celery, but I’m not into that.  They have seasoned fries too, which are vegan, but I didn’t ask about whether or not they are fried in the same fryers as the death because I didn’t want to know.  But at least I would bring my own condiments because I oppose high fructose corn syrup.  Here is information on the Seasoned French Fries as given to me by Lauren Estlinbaum in 2015:

Seasoned French Fries are fried in soybean oil in most areas and contain the following in our seasoning: sugar, Salt, dehydrated garlic, red pepper, white pepper, black pepper and onion powder.

Cruelty Free Reviews says the Cajun Fried Corn is also vegan, but I never saw that.

Fries & Dos Equis at Wing-Stop in San Diego (City Heights neighborhood)

It took me awhile to use my $50 up, but I finally did (well, I do have 57 cents left.)  I visited Wing Stops in San Diego, CA, San Clemente, CA, and Clovis, NM.  The ones in Southern California had beer too, so I would get Dos Equis.  But in Clovis, they don’t sell alcohol.  In Clovis there are restrictions on the sale of alcohol on Sundays (Clovis, NM Code of Ordinances 5.12.170, 5.12.180) and New Mexico law requires minor employees to be at least 19 years of age to sell alcoholic beverages in a restaurant where the primary source of revenue is food. (NMAC (B).)  Maybe they figured it wasn’t worth the trouble of selling it at all.  (But the path is clear for selling dead animals!) They do sell root beer in glass bottles though, but there is no place in Curry County, NM that collects glass for recycling (even though the bottle says, “Please recycle.”)  I asked an employee there where they recycle the bottles and she said they just trash them.  Now you know why locals call the place Dirty Curry.  There is a committee known by locals at the Shifty Fifty because their sole concern is to keep the Cannon Air Force Base from getting BRAC’ed (because of their financial interests), but do they care about the lack of recycling services?

Wing-Stop in Clovis, NM. They don’t recycle the glass bottles.

Wing-Stop seems kinda ghetto, like it’s for poor people, but then I saw a video on the WatchBack App (they give you gift cards for watching videos) of a Jenner chick telling her Momager that she bought a large quantity of dead animal parts at Wing-Stop and ate them all up. Yuck! Like she can’t afford to go to a vegan restaurant.

Brandless Corn & Quinoa Puffs. Yum. I ate every crumb.

Brandless is an online store that has a vegan section, so you might want to check it out! (There’s organic, non-GMO, fair trade, sustainably resourced stuff too.) They have different deals (like how much you have to spend to get free shipping or what item you can get for free if you spend a certain amount) at different times so you might want to check now and then to see what deals are going on.  Or check on a promo code site if it’s easier to see a list of deals.  (If you’re going to use a free item promo code, you don’t have to find the item; it will automatically be added to your cart when you meet the requirements.)  The best deal I got is when they stacked my referral credits. Nice!  Caveat: if you try to get cash back through TopCashBack, you probably won’t get any cash back if you use a promo code (however, if you do the same thing with eBay you will get cash back, make sense?)

I like a lot of the items, to name a few: Dark Chocolate Covered Quinoa Bites (it’s candy!), Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Sweet Jalapeño Lentil Crisps, Raspberry Twists, Organic Whole Wheat Animal Cookies, Jalapeño Flavored Corn and Quinoa Puffs, Dry Roasted Salted Pistachios, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Pearled Farro, Organic Hot Pineapple Jalapeño Salsa, Organic Butternut Squash Soup, and Organic Lentil Soup.

One caveat is that they have at least one packer who packs certain items upside down. No bueno.

They don’t put their maple syrup under the vegan section, so I wondered why not.  I’ve read two articles that say some maple syrup manufacturers use animal fat or lard to defoam it after boiling.  But the Well and Good article by Tehrene Firman (October 2, 2018), says that organic maple syrup uses certified organic vegetable oils, not animal fat. The Brandless maple syrup is organic, so why is it not vegan?

The Whoop Wellness article says it’s because PETA called a boycott on Canadian maple syrup because of the massive seal slaughter.  The Brandless maple syrup is a product of both the USA and Canada. So there you go.  The article also says it’s not vegan if it has added animal ingredients, but the Brandless maple syrup is purportedly pure maple syrup.  The article also says it’s not vegan if the manufacturing facility also produces items with animal ingredients. Oh-kay.

PINCHme is a sample site that sometimes offers vegan samples, like for example, Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa & Brown Rice with Garlic, coffee, tea, candy, tomato paste, or a vegan formula hair care product.  But they offer a lot of non-vegan stuff too, which you can reject (like, today I rejected non-vegan mayo!)  Basically, they have these Sample Tuesdays, where you can go on their web page at 12 pm Eastern time and accept whatever samples they might offer.  But not every Tuesday will be applicable to you.  Yours will be about once a month.  However, they might offer you something on a non-Tuesday, but ask you to take a survey to get it. They recently offered me non-vegan cookies if I took a survey and uh, no thanks to that.  One caveat is that I’ve had at least two orders never show up.  Whether they were misdelivered or just never sent, who knows; they don’t send you a shipping notice or tracking number.

Robinhood: As you know, I have my own diversified stock portfolio on Robinhood that I got for free.  But I am willing to pay money for one share of Beyond Meat, but I’ll wait until it’s lower than $60 or at least not much higher.  I’ve seen it as high as $79.80 (right now.)  However, if the ruling elite says a working class person can own part of a corporation for free, why wouldn’t he or she accept?  But, one caveat is that you can’t name a beneficiary on your Robinhood account.

Hey, look at the Veggie Grill in La Jolla!

Veggie Grill Expansion: Veggie Grill is planning on expanding to New York and Boston.  So write down my invite code and use it to join the rewards app shortly before going (you may get a sign up freebie that will expire shortly later): JillB7768

Carma Project: Use my unique link to check for a deadly Takata airbag. For a limited time, you’ll even be able to get a $5 reward for doing it.  Limit one reward per owner, while supplies last. Restrictions apply. U.S. residents only. Offer limited to new Bitmo users only. Mobile number on a valid U.S. carrier required. Messaging rates may apply.

Wild Edibles: Did you harvest and eat any dandelion greens from your yard this spring?  I did.  There were also lots of wild chives in the winter which will have seeds soon and I’ll share with buddies.  Just make sure to verify from a reliable source you have edibles rather than poisonous plants.  Remember the animal killer in Into The Wild?