Birthday Freebies and Other Referrals and Information

Daiquiri Ice Cone & Iced Decaf Coffee with Almond Breeze

Unfortunately, now that I live in an obscure location I missed out on so many of my favorite birthday freebies like Veggie Grill (invite code: JillB7768), Native Foods, Sprinkles, and PizzaRev (invite code: JillBall226). But my neighbor suggested we take a road trip so I could get some more of my birthday freebies, so we went to Lubbock, TX.

Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins

These two restaurants were in the same shop in Lubbock, which made getting two birthday freebies pretty convenient.  At Dunkin’ Donuts I got a large iced decaf coffee for free (a $2.59 value), but there was a $0.50 charge for adding almond milk, making the out of pocket cost with tax $0.54.

At Baskin-Robbins I got a freebie dairy-free/fat-free daiquiri ice cone.  It was actually a sign-up freebie rather than a birthday freebie because I had just signed up.


Cicis – My Cicis

Specialized vegan pizza from Cici’s

I got a free buffet at the Cicis in Lubbock, which was cool because you can request that they make you a vegan pizza since their red pizza sauce is vegan. But I don’t believe the marinara sauce at the buffet is vegan. But the French dressing is.  For some reason the cashier needed to take hold of my phone to input the code even though I could have just read it aloud.  My referral code for My Cici’s rewards is: JillBalla15

PETA wrote about Cici’s here.


Red Robin – Red Robin Royalty®

I got a free build your own vegan burger at the Red Robin in Lubbock.  It comes with a “bottomless” side dish so you can get fries and steamed broccoli (the waiter said you can alternate between different side dishes.)  Here’s another article that explains getting a vegan burger at Red Robin.


Firehouse Subs

I did get my free veggie sub from the Firehouse subs in Lubbock, TX. My order was Medium Veggie Wheat, no cheese, no mayo, olives, cucumber, chopped pickle, salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, pepperoncini.  It was a $6.19 value.  It also came with chips, which I didn’t even realize. My buddy saw people taking bags of chips and asked an employee if we could too and the answer was yes.  I still haven’t reviewed their nutrition menu; I simply relied on another web page.  My referral code: aqe9h


Auntie Anne’s in the South Plains Mall.

Auntie Anne’s

I went to the one in the South Plains Mall to get my free pretzel. The discount was $3.29. However, I’m not sure if I actually got one without butter because the employee got the pretzel out of a display case already baked and aren’t they supposed to get a raw dough one and bake it without butter? Who knows, but I told the employee “no butter” twice, but for some reason to scan my app he had to take hold of my phone and spend a lot of time figuring it out. Usually, it’s just scan, then next, then another scan. Who knows.

There were some other birthday freebies I could’ve tried to get in this same mall, but I forgot about the Sephora Beauty Insider one and Finish Line notified me about my birthday freebie like eight days after my birthday and I had forgotten to check on it in advance.



Luckily O’ Rileys Auto Parts stores seem to be everywhere, so it shouldn’t be difficult to redeem your $5 birthday freebie that you get for being a valued O’Rewards member.  There also seem to be a lot of gift card giveaways in sweepstakes each year, so you can pay any balance with a gift card.  They give you a month to redeem your $5 freebie.  I got a magnifying glass because I realized I had given my only one away. But then I thought of a good idea for vegans. They sell window markers for writing vegan messages on car windows, so you could get that for free with your birthday reward and then put the vegan message on your windows!


Ford Expedition with Window Message in Mira Mesa (neighborhood in San Diego, CA)

Jersey Mike’s

I didn’t get a chance to stop in at Jersey Mike’s, but the good news is that they gave me a coupon for a free regular sub and a 22 ounce drink.  The coupon is good for a whole year.  Who knows if I’ll get a chance to use it.


Kung Fu Tea

I didn’t get a chance to visit Kung Fu Tea because I don’t live anywhere near one now (one coming soon to Albuquerque), but I wanted to give a shout out to everyone who used my referral link. Who would have thought it would be my most popular referral link?


Checkout 51

They offered a dollar cashback on a vegan cupcake purchase, but I didn’t get a chance to do it and sadly, I don’t live near a Sprinkles anymore. (If you can offer me a job and a relocation package so I can live near a Sprinkles let me know.) But the reason I am mentioning the Checkout 51 app again is because since the last time I wrote about them, they started a referral program, so now you can get my awesome referral if you want to test out this app.

Tip: If you are doing a screenshot of an online receipt make sure the date is in the screenshot. Also, always read the terms of the offer you want to redeem.


Freebie Share of Stock from RobinHood

Robinhood Markets, Inc. [US]

I heard about the offer to get a free share of stock from in a commercial during The Dream podcast (show about Multilevel Marketing schemes.) (If you have a podcast feel free to give it a shout out in the comments. Since winning an Apple gift card and a Bluetooth speaker, I have learned that downloading podcasts is a good way to find entertainment.)  I ended up getting a share of SNAP, a camera company.  Here is my referral link so that you can get a freebie share of stock from  Now vegans have no excuse not to have their own investment portfolios, since they are supposed to be trying to be “a major economic force….

When you get your link to claim your free share of stock, you have to do it through the app or it won’t work. That’s how it was for me anyway.



e.l.f. Beauty Squad

I signed up after my birthday so I don’t know what the birthday gift is.  I signed up because I noticed there hadn’t been any free shipping deals for awhile and then I saw that e.l.f. had a rewards program that offered the customer free shipping on the next order.  I also found a 20% off promo code on


Pizza Hut “Hut Rewards”

Pizza Hut Rewards didn’t offer me a birthday reward even though the Hut Rewards page lists as a benefit, “Birthday reward: We appreciate you and want to celebrate your day.” But the reason I am mentioning them is in case you played the “They Win You Score” sweepstakes and wondered how to make your promo code prize vegan.  Basically you put the order in for bread sticks and a bottle of Aquafina water.  The web page doesn’t let you type a message that you are rejecting the bread sticks because they have dairy (maybe on normal orders, but not when using the promo code), so you have to let the restaurant know.  The cashier will get confused, but it’s not that difficult.  You just want the dipping sauce to freeze and save for later so you can eat it with something vegan.  Here are the ingredients:



Papa John’s – Papa Rewards

Last year I mentioned that you can potentially get a vegan birthday freebie (with the free 10 points) from Papa John’s, but what I didn’t realize is that you have to be on their e-mail list to get the offer, so I didn’t try it this year. Maybe some time in the future.



I’ve got a referral link for the EcoATM although I’ve never actually made any money from it; just recycled useless devices.  My personal code for the EcoATM is thrillracerESQ.

Get Green for Going Green

ecoATM is a super easy way to get rewarded for recycling your phone or tablet. Use my code at checkout for an extra $5.

Friends will receive a Share Code for a $5 bonus on the first device they trade-in at an ecoATM kiosk. Friends must enter the My Share a Code at the time of trade-in and the Friend’s device trade-in value must be $50 or more to qualify for referral rewards and use of the My Share Code. Device trade-in value is determined solely by ecoATM. Customers with past trade-ins are not eligible to be referred. The Eligible Referrer will receive a $5 Visa® Prepaid Card for each Qualified Referral, limit 100. ecoATM employees are not eligible. Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa, Inc. and is not a sponsor or otherwise associated or affiliated with this Offer.

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