Finding Vegan Food Freebies at a Kroger & Affiliates Store

Do you ever try to find vegan food freebies at your Kroger & Affiliates store (Ralphs for me)?  I figured I would write this article for those who are on the fence, to discuss whether or not you can find anything good and if it’s worth the effort.

Freebie Well Yes! soup

Pros: Reducing your food costs by getting vegan freebies, discovering the one vegan variety in an otherwise non-vegan line, never having to pay for BBQ sauce again.

Cons: Sometimes the item is difficult to find (it may or may not be in its regular section; it may be in a display case behind or in front of the cash registers, or at the end of an aisle), sometimes your particular store doesn’t carry the item, sometimes you will spend your time looking for a vegan flavor and it’s either sold out already or they don’t carry it (like with the Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese freebie, for example), you have to pay attention to detail to make sure you are locating the correct product.

Overall, I think it’s worth it, especially if the freebie was something you were going to buy anyway (like, organic tortilla chips) and you know exactly where to find it in the store.

Sometimes random shoppers will start talking to me about how expensive the food items are and I say, “I use the freebie e-coupons, look for bargains and discounts.” (Caveat: if you see a sale tag look for a “Buy Five” disclaimer to make sure you are clear on the price.  If you see a 50% off “Closeout” price make sure it rings up at half price.)

Finding the Freebie E-Coupons:

Check your Ralph’s account every Friday for a “Free Friday Download” to see if it is something vegan-friendly and load it to your card if so.  (For example, the freebie today is a beverage with dairy, so forget it.)  Sometimes there are also random and promotional freebies on the coupon pages. (I Crave Freebies is good at reminding people about the Friday freebies, as well as the random freebies.)  Play the sweepstakes. (Heavenly Steals is good at letting people know about the sweepstakes.)  Scan your card at the register for the e-coupons to apply.

Some of the Items I Got for Free (that I can remember):

Head of cabbage, bag of frozen veggies, Bush’s Best Hummus Made Easy, Campbell’s Well Yes!TM Italian Vegetables with Farro Soup, Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans.

Keebler Vienna Fingers, LaraBar, vegan chocolate bar (forgot the brand), Pure Via® Stevia, Black Forest Organic Sour Heads (the gummy bears are not vegan)

BFree bagels and wraps, Van de Kamp’s English Muffins (“suitable for vegans”), Belvita breakfast biscuits, Alfaro’s Artesano bread, Quaker Overnight Oats, Kelloggs cereal (I forget which one I chose, but I remember debating about which would have the least amount of GMOs.)

Kroger Natural peanut butter, Simple Truth Ketchup, Kraft slow-simmered Hickory Smoke and Original BBQ sauce (“no high fructose corn syrup”), Private SelectionTM Regional BBQ sauce, Tostidos Splash of Lime Salsa, Del Real Salsa

Simple Truth Organic tortilla chips and popcorn, Planters Unsalted Dry Roasted Peanuts (great for sharing with Western Scrub Jays), Ritz Crisp & Thins Chips (salt and vinegar flavor, the sea salt flavor was not vegan), Nabisco Good Thins crackers

Silk Almond coffee creamer, Almond Breeze single serve, Organic Slightly Sweet Nestea Real Brewed Green Tea, Zico coconut water, Aquafina Sparkling water, Cascade Ice Sparkling Water, Lipton Pure Leaf Tea (stopped testing on animals in 2011), Pure Leaf Tea House Collection Wild Blackberry & Sage 14oz organic green tea.

Let me know if you find a good vegan freebie from your Kroger & Affiliates store. (If you can’t comment here it probably means that WordPress thinks your computer is a robot.)

Other grocery stores have freebie e-coupons too, but Kroger & Affiliates seem to have the most.

For my next post I will share an update on finding vegan birthday freebies.