Veterinary Services Should Be Free to Any Animal in Need.

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Armory of the Revolution


The right to medical care should be universal, for people as well as animals.

But many people who fully subscribe to the right of humans to be cared for are oblivious to the plight of animals who desperately need care and treatment but who are owned by people who do not have the resources to provide that care.

Opposition to universal healthcare comes from the political right. Conservatives begrudge healthcare to the poor and infirm as wasteful government expenditures. Using that logic, one would assume that conservatives in the animal movement also oppose healthcare for animals in need.

I personally cannot comprehend why anyone would consider tax dollars to be more valuable than human and animal life, but such is the case with political conservatives.

All domesticated animals, and all wild animals in captivity, are the result of human interference with nature.

There are no wild poodles. No collies running…

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Free Vegan & Vegetarian Food You Can Get on Your Birthday at USA Chain Restaurants

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