A Way with Words: Vegan Town

Free sticker from Country Financial

As you surely know, I developed the title of this blog into a new term of art.  To “vegan town” is to make your town more vegan-friendly by winning food prizes away from meat eaters, finding vegan food freebies and bargains, demanding vegan options, and sharing your research results.


Before I named this blog, I did a search on the term “vegan town” to see if anyone was using it for a business or web page.  Nope.  Nothing of the sort came up in a search.  Yet, years later I discovered on my own that a UK vendor started using the term on social media around the same time I started publishing this blog.  It’s funny that I’m the first person to point out the coincidence.

Further research reveals more.  There’s a UK charity called Viva! which has a “My Vegan Town” directory.  Newtown is Sydney’s Vegantown. (Jennifer Duke, Sydney’s vegan heartland: The battle between two suburbs (July 26, 2016).)

Free vegan lunchbox from a cheese company.

Last year, I asked the UK vendor on their Facebook page where they got the idea for “vegan town,” but the owners didn’t want to say.  I can tell you where I got the idea from. San Diego used to be known by some as Dog Town, USA (until a TV series adopted the term), so I figured it should also be Vegan Town, USA.  Any Town, USA has long been a generic example used in catalogs selling address labels.  So I say, make it Vegan Town, USA!

Remember, anyone divergent enough can start their own Vegan Town blog or web page!  Just be sure that it actually relates to the concept of “vegan town” that I developed (getting vegan freebies.)  Yes, it will take more effort and thought than simply posting photos of your food on social media, but it will be revolutionary.  We can network and make the world more vegan-friendly.  Vegan solidarity.

Coolest radio prize is Suja.

Ignorant comment by Cass Payne

Did you know there are Facebook trolls like Cass Payne who argue that the vegan diet is unaffordable?  She calls it “classist.”  She really has it backwards now.  The ruling elite profits off of meat eaters and exploits desperate labor.  They don’t mind murdering animals (in a non-homicidal way) and polluting the environment because it’s profitable.  Adopt the vegan-town lifestyle if you oppose this type of classism.