BJ’s Desperately Needs a Vegan Entrée

If you’re an intelligent vegan, you should win prize packs with BJ’s gift cards so you can vegan-town this place.  Why? Because their typical clientele is the type of oblivious consumer who doesn’t mind ordering animal products and leaving the faucets on in the Ladies Restroom.  I kid you not!


BJ’s Garden Vegetable Potato with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

I vegan-towned BJ’s three (3) times for lunch and each time ordered the same thing: Garden Vegetable Potato (without the dairy-laden sauce or cheese) and Raspberry Sparkling Lemonade.  The potato comes with a salad, which you have to specify to be made vegan because otherwise it includes animal products!  Fortunately, their Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing is vegan-friendly.  By my third visit I learned to request an extra dressing, since I am rejecting the dairy sauce and all!

Here is the weird thing.  If you analyze BJ’s Food Allergen Sensitivities Menu and Gluten-Free Selections (2016) guide, you might think you could order vegan pasta.  The guide does not disclose any “egg, fish, milk” in their marinara sauce.  BJ’s Nutritional Guide (May 2016) lists “Kids’ Spaghetti Marinara” (why only for kids?) as having 0 mg. cholesterol.  This nutritional guide also lists “Italiano Vegetable Penne” as having 0 mg. cholesterol, but the allergen guide says it has “milk.”  However, the servers and even the manager insist that none of their pasta is vegan.  One waitress said “all the noodles have dairy in them,” which sounded inaccurate.  The senior manager of the Escondido restaurant, Ron Tucker, said that really their “marinara sauce contains Parmesan cheese.”

BJ's in Escondido, CA is next to this freeway. (Easy to find.)

BJ’s in Escondido, CA is next to this freeway. (Easy to find.)

Perhaps their allergen guide had a mistake in it.  Who knows?  But how weird that you can get a potato and salad without dairy, but not pasta.  I actually sat down and talked with Tucker in person to discuss what he makes for his vegan daughter.  He basically just substitutes avocado for meat in the wraps.  So, there’s another idea.  But how about BJ’s just simplify and improve the situation by adding real-deal vegan entrees to the menu?  Give them a push if you’re clever enough to vegan-town.

If dairy is rape and penne is mightier than the sword, then the two don't belong together.

If dairy is rape and penne is mightier than the sword, then the two don’t belong together.

Oh, and the good news is that BJ’s complied with California CIVIL CODE §1749.5(b)(2) when I asked for the balance of my gift card in cash.  I had to wait because their cash register supposedly didn’t know how to do that, but at least they complied with the law! (Giving them a flyer stating the law helps.)  Can you believe someone tried to post a comment insulting those who invoke their consumer protection rights?  My notes are vague because I only jotted down “shit-talker on WordPress,” but it may have been someone called Jes “Dazey33_420” at a Yahoo account from Sacramento.

But the good news is I’ve got Blogger status at Wow, I’m cool.

She sure does speak alright.

She sure does speak alright.