Two Restaurants at Sycuan (El Cajon, CA, San Diego County)

Distinguish between Sycuan Casino and Sycuan Resort, which are not on the same property, but in the same vicinity.

Sycuan Golf & Tennis Resort

I prefer to spend time at resorts over casinos.  They are more relaxing and the air is better.  I won the opportunity to stay overnight and check out their restaurant, Sycuan Café Grill (AKA Red Tail Grill, the name on the web page.)  I did lunch before checking in and the only other party in the restaurant at the time was a group of golfer dudes who talked a lot of their memories of exploiting and killing innocent animals.  Creepy.

animal exploiters at Sycuan Cafe Grill

Old timers at Sycuan Cafe Grill talked out loud about exploiting and killing animals. (And I said out loud multiple times, “Meat is Murder.”)

Even though the menu doesn’t mention anything vegan, you can easily order vegan-friendly.  I ordered a vegan-version Margherita Pizza flatbread, salad, and angel hair pasta with veggies (dish created especially for me.)  No, I’m not a fatty!  I saved a bunch and ate the rest for dinner.  Yum!

sycuan cafe & grill flatbread

Vegan-version  Margherita Pizza flatbread at Sycuan Cafe Grill, plus a whisky-sour with Jameson

salad from Sycuan cafe & grill

Yummy vegan-version salad from Sycuan Cafe Grill (with two dressings because I couldn’t decide.)

angel hair with veggies Sycuan Cafe Grill

Angel hair pasta with veggies purportedly created especially for me at Sycuan Cafe Grill. (Then I drank a club soda.)

Sycuan Casino

bear decorations at Sycuan casino

Cute decorations in the hallway between the parking garage and Sycuan Casino (the security guard told me not to take photos inside the casino or of the people.)


I won a certificate that permitted me to choose which restaurant I wanted to dine at (in Sycuan Casino.)  I chose Wachena because their menu has tofu.  Yay!  Luckily they have an entrée called Tofu & Mixed Vegetables.  The waiter didn’t really have much knowledge and couldn’t say if it was vegan or not, but let’s hope so:


Tofu & Mixed Vegetables

Fried tofu with snow peas, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and onions in a light garlic sauce. 9.00


tofu & mixed vegetables Wachena

Tofu & Mixed Vegetables at Wachena after I dumped some rice on the top (of course, I rejected the mushrooms.)

They also had a nice fall salad with acorn squash that I ordered without the cheese.

fall salad with acorn sqash at Wachena

Vegan-version fall salad with acorn squash from Wachena.

If there is a longer wait to sit in the non-smoking section, I recommend you wait.  I sat in the smoking section to avoid a wait and the air was too polluted.  I should have worn a mask as is done in Beijing (and also in Sycuan casino.) (I would have photographed the people wearing face masks, but a security guard asked me not to take any photos of the people or inside the casino.)




One thought on “Two Restaurants at Sycuan (El Cajon, CA, San Diego County)

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