Vegans Get Ripped off on Bread at the Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

There are about sixteen (16) Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill locations in Southern California.  I went to the one in the Mission Valley community of the city of San Diego, which is in the Hazard Center plaza.  Mission Valley can be a hazardous place in terms of traffic, and thus, the name is fitting.

The good news is that they have a vegan patty, but of course, no vegan bun, although I don’t mind a lettuce wrap instead.  However, non-vegans get served a basket of bread, whereas vegans do not because Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill only uses bread with animal products. That’s wrong.  Bread is a traditionally vegan food and there’s no reason to dump your unwanted animal by-products in it.

Read the ingredients to their BBQ sauce.

Read the ingredients to their BBQ sauce.

The first time I ate there, the waitress served the bread and then she realized I was vegan, so after I came back from the bathroom she withdrew the bread.  Then some meat eaters got served extra bread.  Nice world where fat meat eaters get extra bread (a traditionally vegan food) and skinny vegans get none.  Nice world.  The vegan burger was alright, but tasted like it had minced mushroom.

So, the next time I got the quinoa salad.  The salad is already vegan except for the champagne vinaigrette, even though it is purportedly “low cal.”  Even their balsamic vinaigrette is non-vegan, meaning none of their dressings are vegan.  How totally wrong again.  But at least they have vinegar and oil, salt and pepper.  I just kept adding those things to my salad and it tasted quite good.

Large Quinoa Salad wtih Vinegar & Oil

Large quinoa salad wtih vinegar & oil. (The broad with the long hair ordered ribs. Psycho!)

The cocktails I tried were the Vintage Bulleit and Havana’s Best Mojito.  They are made with Bulleit Rye Whiskey and Bacardi Superior, respectively, which are both purportedly vegan (  I always try to choose a cocktail made with vegan alcohol and these two were quite good.

Vintage Bulleit cocktail

Vintage Bulleit cocktail

Each time I tendered my gift card for payment, I added a little note in the check folder that I wanted the balance in cash pursuant to California Civil Code §1749.5(b)(2) (which states that any gift card (as defined by §1749.45(a)) “with a cash value of less than ten dollars ($10) is redeemable in cash for its cash value.”)  Each time the waitress came back and gave me the opportunity to write in a tip amount on the gift card.  I calculated the balance and wrote that amount in.  Basically, the point of this story is, if you want the balance of the gift card to use as a tip or for cash, you should say something because restaurants often don’t automatically give you that option (many vendors also try to circumvent the law, which is another story.)  They should, though, because if you don’t have cash on hand the servers could be screwing themselves out of a tip.  They know you’re not paying with a credit card, so cash or the gift card is the only money for a tip (unless you want to write a check, which I don’t.)  You can just leave the card itself as a tip, but they may inadvertently dispose of the gift card without checking the balance.

wood ranch

They don’t have guest wi-fi.

Anyway, Wood Ranch BBQ can improve by making vegan bread and vinaigrette. They should also allow all dogs (not just service dogs) on their patio. (They should also stop serving meat, of course.)


8 thoughts on “Vegans Get Ripped off on Bread at the Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

  1. j travers says:

    Found your article via google and thought I’d help with some info. The bread is not vegan because they use a bread with honey in it for flavor. Honey being an animal product makes that particular bread vegetarian but not Vegan. They chose the bun because of the flavor profile. That being said, it’s unlikely they will stop serving any meat since asking BBQ joints to do that is like asking an italian kitchen to stop serving noodles. It’s the niche they fill ya know?

  2. thrillracer says:

    Thanks for the info.! The waitresses didn’t tell me about the honey. There’s no reason they can’t use a different sweetener such as agave nectar. Especially now that honey is known to have glyphosate in. I don’t see why a BBQ can’t be totally vegan either.

    Carey Gillam, “Glyphosate Found in Iowa Honey,” ECOWATCH (Nov. 2, 2016)

  3. earle says:


    Thanks for your article. Why is the champagne and the balsamic vinaigrette not vegan?

    Thanks again!

    • thrillracer says:

      Good question. The waitresses didn’t say. I presume honey. I’m gonna go back and I’m hoping they’ve updated their menu to include more vegan BBQ!

  4. thrillracer says:

    Went back yesterday. Waitress said champagne vinaigrette might not be vegan because of Grey Poupon, but Vegan Gluten Scanner says that Grey Poupon is vegan. She said the burger buns have honey and the house bread has eggs.

  5. ABC says:

    1. WTF are you doing in a BBQ joint?
    2. Challah is a “traditional” bread and definitely is not vegan.
    3. Not all meat eaters are fat.

    At least you got something right. You’re definitely a “One-of-a-kind restaurant review blog.”

    • thrillracer says:

      1. Getting free vegan food. Duh. Don’t feel threatened.
      2. So what about challah? It’s not “traditional.” I said “bread” (Main ingredients Flour, water –
      3. Did I say all meat eaters are fat? No I didn’t. (You need reading comprehension skills.)
      4. I get a lot of things right. Like, that you’re a troll. Don’t ever troll here again. Buh-bye.

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