Pizza e Birra Nice to Vegan Town (San Diego, CA)

Linguine marinara (vegan) and Willamina "Bundle Bear" B.

Linguine marinara (vegan) and Willamina “Bundle Bear” B.

Great news about Pizza e Birra, an Italian restaurant in the Middletown community of the City of San Diego: you can easily vegan-town a pizza, pasta, and house salad.  They don’t add an egg wash to their pizza crust like at the Tavern + Bowl, which is nice.

They also have lovely patios where you can bring your dog.  I liked that their house salad included butternut squash, a favorite amongst both humans and canines.  The potato and eggplant toppings (delicious plant based foods) on the vegetarian pizza (vegan version) quite impressed me.

House salad (vegan version) includes roasted butternut squash.

House salad (vegan version) includes roasted butternut squash.

The server, Raffaele, was super friendly and helpful, but he should try writing down people’s orders instead of memorizing (he did make a few errors.)  The female server was friendly, but oddly gung ho about grabbing not only plates, but napkins!

Their prices are quite reasonable too, which is pretty cool when you consider how expensive a vegan pizza is at a restaurant like Z Pizza.  I usually don’t refer to prices in these reviews because I’m using gift cards and gift certificates that I won, but in this case I didn’t win a gift certificate. No, I purchased a $30 voucher for $0 out of pocket ($15 in promo codes.)  That’s another way to vegan-town: purchasing local deal vouchers using promo codes (see the “about” page for more information.)  In this case, ReaderCity was nice enough to give out $5 promo codes as runner-up prizes that I saved until I bought the Pizza e Birra voucher. Glad I did even if I don’t particularly care for this cramped part of town.

Don’t park in the Regal Beagle parking lot.  Not only is it the wrong lot, but some douche-hole motorist dinged my car!  If you know what motorist parked a white vehicle there on September 13, 2015 in the 5 and 6 pm hours then let me know!

Pizza e Birra is decent and they can get even better by putting the word “vegan” on their menu, particularly for a dessert!