Getting Vegan Stuffed at Donovan’s Steak & Chop House in La Jolla, CA (San Diego County)

Yes, I am going to be posting a lot about vegan dining at steak houses. Of course vegans should win gift cards to steak houses. What do you think the meat eating prize hoarders are going to order?  “Wolf down, wolf down / T-bone steak / Wolf down cancer of the prostate.” – Moz.

So, the first time I went there I didn’t eat much. Just asparagus without the butter (as I referenced in an earlier post) and some wine.  It was either the Milagro Farms Sauvignon Blanc (purportedly vegan friendly, or the “J” Cuvée 20 (I actually don’t know if it’s vegan friendly.)  I only had a $50 gift card anyway, so it was okay.

So, the second time I went there I had a $100 trade card (different from gift cards in that you have to use them in one shot, but they don’t cover tax or gratuity.)  So this time I prepared in advance.  I made my own tofu sour cream and brought it in with my own Earth Balance.  Whether the employees of Donovan’s minded me doing this I do not know because they say “my pleasure” to all requests.  They also stand at attention by the walls like the servants on Downtown Abbey.

Brought my own Earth Balance to Donovan's!

Brought my own Earth Balance to Donovan’s!

None of the salads on Donovan’s menu are vegan so I just requested my own spinach salad.  Besides spinach it had tomato and Italian vinaigrette (purportedly vegan-friendly.)  It was also supposed to have onion, but someone forgot, but I didn’t mind because raw onion can be a bit much. So, good salad.

I ordered an à la carte baked potato without the butter even though the menu didn’t offer that, you can still do that. When you get your baked potato, the servant has a little caddy with sour cream and chives and of course, I only wanted the chives.  I raved to the servant that my potato was “really good with my tofu sour cream!”

He said, “I’m glad it worked out for you.”

Also got a side of steamed broccoli (nice!) and a glass of Stolpman Syrah (purportedly vegan friendly,  So, after eating all that (along with the hopefully vegan bread and my Earth Balance), I was stuffed and declared to a servant, “Why would anyone order meat in addition to all that filling food?!”  (At a nearby table, a woman had sent her steak back to the kitchen for more cooking because it was too bloody, ewwww!)

But I had also ordered raspberry sorbet.  Before bringing dessert the servants use a little wiper to scrape crumbs off the table.  Anyway, the sorbet was delicious, but I was stuffed and saved the rest in a container provided by Donovan’s, which kept me in desserts for two more days. YUM!!!

They have two other locations: downtown in the Gaslamp and one in Phoenix. So, vegans, win those steakhouse gift cards, trade cards, and gift certificates! You will be saving lives!


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