Saving Lives at The Marine Room and The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla, CA (San Diego County)

The web pages of The Marine Room and The Shores Restaurant indicate that they are connected (I’m sure the top owners have accumulated much wealth.)


My hero Moz says “destiny for some is to save lives” and I must be one of those life savers he is referring to because I win gift certificates to The Marine Room and order vegan all the way, while the local prize hoarders continue to “end lives” (I’ve seen them at the car giveaways and at restaurants, actually, chowing down on animal products.)  Vegans who want to save more lives should try winning.  Try radio contests before Restaurant Week and “high tide” events.

I’ve been to the The Marine Room three (3) times now (and have another certificate to go again!) and fortunately, they regularly have an organic tofu entrée on the dinner menu.  The waiter (Jim) confirmed it was vegan.  It used to be called “Tofu Hot Pot” with miso sauce, but now is described on the menu as:

Caramelized Organic Tofu 27
farmer’s market vegetables, honshimeji, coconut lemongrass broth

However, I think they’re both the same, although the broth may be different. I always say “no mushrooms,” though, of course.


I love limp asparagus on my organic tofu!

I love limp asparagus on my organic tofu!


As for salads and appetizers, The Marine Room needs to add some vegan ones to the menu so that vegans don’t have to “modify” them in the hopes of making them vegan.  The restaurant seems to change these up on their menu, but I haven’t seen any vegan ones so far. Last year I tried a vegan-version “Artisan Heart of Butter Lettuce” (rejecting the cheese).  It had pickled pear, walnuts (I’m not a  big walnut fan, but they’re tolerable), raisins, tomato, and Julian Cider Vinaigrette.  Earlier in the year I just got a side dish of asparagus without the butter (which is something you can also order at a La Jolla steakhouse called Donovan’s).  Then most recently I ordered a vegan version of this one:

Heart of Little Gem Lettuce  14
pancetta crisp, hungarian feta, forelle pear, elderflower dressing

Yes, I had to reject dead pig and cheese.  The salad, comprised mostly of lettuce, was mediocre, although I did appreciate that forelle pear.  I also wasn’t sure if the “crisp” was actually vegan (as opposed to having butter cooked into it) because even though I kept telling the waiter (Danny) “vegan” to everything, my sorbet dessert had a white chocolate straw on top. (Ironically, the chef was concerned about whether I was allergic to mushrooms, but not to dairy.) (Ironically again, the bread server on this occasion left the butter on the table even after I said, “I reject the butter.”  Perhaps The Marine Room should stock up on vegan margarine or non-butter spread.)

Gem lettuce and forelle pear.

Gem lettuce and forelle pear.

The Marine Room should also try adding vegan desserts to the menu, but they seem to always have sorbet with berries, which is nice.

You should win your way in here to order vegan because many of the customers are sick enough to order lobster and veal.  Callous? Ignorant? Or both?  Those who think they’re elite order lobster and veal and inner-city dwellers order fried chicken.  Which class is “better” than the other?

Since The Marine Room likes to do promotions, I thought, why don’t they try out US VegWeek (in 2014 it was April 21-27)?  On March 30, 2014, I suggested the idea to manager Matthew Caponi via e-mail, but I guess it fell on deaf ears.  Maybe they should consider it for 2015.  Think how impressive it would be, especially for those who order lobster as a status symbol, but don’t really like it.  I just tried to upload a photo of an unhappy looking woman with lobster on her plate at The Marine Room, but WordPress rejected it because it’s another I-Pad mini photo.


The Shores “Dine on the Beach” (8110 CAMINO DEL ORO, LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA 92037)

I have only been here once, awhile ago, but I must point out that they had a delicious vegan risotto entrée that wasn’t on the menu.  They tell you that you can simply modify any of their entrées in a vegan version depending on what they have stocked in their kitchen (tofu, grains, etc.) If I remember correctly, I just got two salads, sorbet, and then ordered the vegan risotto entrée to go (which turned out to be delicious!)  But why don’t they just put that stuff on the menu so vegans won’t be confused or scared away?  There’s a mystery.

I got a vegan-version kale salad and baby beets salad and was impressed that the server knew the dressing had honey (non-vegan) and brought out vinegar and oil without me even having to ask.  And hey, WordPress accepted a photo taken with an I-Pad mini!


Vegan-version baby beets salad.

Vegan-version baby beets salad.

They also have complimentary WiFi.  While I don’t endorse obsessing over an electronic device at a restaurant, if you have to wait a long time, then you might as well use your time wisely. LOL.

You can also park in the La Jolla Shores Hotel’s garage and get your parking validated. Nice.