Taking the Dawg to Crush in Solana Beach, CA (San Diego County)

I really have to win more gift cards to restaurants that allow dogs because my dawg thinks she’s invited to every place that I go, even though she’s not.  Luckily, Crush (Italian cuisine) permits customers to bring dogs to their patio, so that’s where I went for a nice lunch.

I had to tie Willamina to the table.

I had to tie Willamina to the table.

Crush’s menu needs improvement on vegan-friendliness, but I had prepared in advance with a “Create Your Own Salad” paper.  But unfortunately, they weren’t doing that anymore, although they could still do it (make the salad I created.)  The server, Becky, said they they just didn’t have the manzanilla olives or toasted pine nuts.  But my delicious salad did have pine nuts buried within.  I gave my dawg two pieces of matchstick apple, but she only ate one.

A passerby holding a leash and looking.

A passerby holding a leash and looking.

I also ordered a side of angel hair pasta with pomodoro sauce (aka “red sauce.”)  The server said it was vegan, although the pasta was manufactured in a facility that also uses animal ingredients.  I made sure to say “no cheese” just in case they were tempted to toss cheese on.  Quite delicious.  They should try adding more traditionally vegan pasta dishes to the menu.  For example, if they had kalamata olives, they could make whore’s pasta alla puttanesca.  I do believe whores perpetuate sexism, so why don’t they just stick to making pasta and quit their day job (or should I say, their graveyard shift?)

Oh yeah, I also got a Crush & Smash cocktail made with Wild Turkey 81 bourbon (vegan friendly, based on a company e-mail published at Barnivore.com), apricot liqueur, lemon, and mint. Delicious.

At Crush you get the bill in a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book.  I noticed customers signed The Mystery of Cabin Island, so I added “Go Vegan” and “Viva Morrissey.”  Yes, I am that awesome.  Soon I will have to take Morrissey to a restaurant and feature him on this blog.  I do believe that this blog is the best place for an artist of Morrissey’s caliber to promote his album.

So anyway, now you know where you can get a lovely vegan Italian lunch without leaving your dog behind to cry. (Ironically, the woman in the photo below was crying.)

some plants and a woman from Prospect Mortgage

Some plants in front of the patio at Crush and an employee from a nearby business.


2 thoughts on “Taking the Dawg to Crush in Solana Beach, CA (San Diego County)

  1. Mike Ballard says:

    You’re lucky to have a dog around.

  2. thrillracer says:

    Yeah, but a crazy dog who steps all over me trying to push out the door before I’m ready to open the door. I like cats because they have no interest in jumping in the car. 😛

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