3 Irish Pubs in San Diego County

Now that the 4th of July is over with, I thought I should sit down and write about Irish Pubs. If you would like to win a gift card to an Irish pub, then try playing celebrity gossip games on the radio around Saint Patrick’s Day. Although, such a prize may be available any random time of the year as Irish pubs are so popular.

Hooley’s Irish Pub & Grill (2 locations in San Diego County)

I went to the one in Grossmont Center (La Mesa, CA.) They have a “vegetarian” menu (at the pub, not online), but not a “vegan” menu, unfortunately. Trying to figure which “vegetarian” item could be modified to be made vegan proved confusing. Hooley’s desperately needs a vegan menu.

I ended up getting a zucchini taco and a house green salad with malt vinaigrette dressing. When I mentioned vegetable tacos in my last post I forgot that zucchini and yellow summer squash are considered crops that are high risk of being GMO (Non GMO Project). Oops. Perhaps, restaurants can label their menus with such information instead of me having to research everything. (I wish!)

The taco was alright. It was a soft corn tortilla (GMO!), with shredded cabbage, and strips of grilled zucchini. After eating it, I thought of an idea. Whenever I’m in a dimly lit restaurant I should use my key chain flashlight to inspect the food. Do you ever get paranoid about how food may be prepared in a restaurant? There was an episode of Seinfeld about it!

I would have enjoyed the fresh crispy salad more if I didn’t wonder if the croutons were really vegan. There’s a mystery. At first the server (Brandon) thought that their only vegan dressing was the balsamic, but then he concluded, no, only the malt vinaigrette.

I also got a whisky sour with Jameson as I knew from Barnivore.com* it was a vegan Irish whisky. They also had Tullamore Dew. They didn’t just have Irish whisky, but also Scotch, Bourbon, and Canadian.

*I recently contributed some wine research to Barnivore.com and requested that my blog be cited to, but no, only my first name is cited to. Do people know how valuable research is? I bill my clients for the valuable research that I do. I must be very selective who I contribute free research to.

The Field (downtown San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter)

I got the vegetarian shepherd’s pie and another one to go! Before the day that I actually went in, I asked a doorman if they could be made vegan. He explained that they are pre-made, but you can still order them without the cheese, and thus, they should be vegan. They are so delicious, but I wonder if they are really vegan even if you order without the cheese. The server (Dermot) seemed to think so, but I wonder if he knew the word “vegan” as he included a wrapped up pat of butter next to the delicious sweet bread (hope that was vegan at least!) Maybe one day I can confirm if the “vegan version vegetarian shepherd’s pie” is really vegan. I hope so, because I want another one!

I didn’t order a beverage since it wasn’t included in my gift certificate and I’m not paying out of pocket!

Well, I actually have a photo, but WordPress won’t accept it. Maybe because it was taken with an I-Pad mini*?

*Yes, I won it.

McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon (downtown San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter)

Haven’t been here in a while, but they actually had a vegan item on the menu: vegan spring rolls. That’s right, you better have something vegan on the menu! (As of writing this post, their menu is offline.) But when I went, they were all out. Maybe that should be a hint to restaurant owners. If they run out of their one vegan item, then maybe they should just make their entire menu vegan.

The chef said she could make me a vegan version wrap sandwich, though, so that’s what I had. She also said the onion rings were vegan. Hope so. Some people purport that onion rings are not typically vegan (because of the batter I presume), but the ones I’ve purchased in the store (Alexia) are. So, who knows.

The bartender invented a cocktail for me, but I wouldn’t permit that again since I want to specifically order a vegan beverage.

Anyway, if you ever find any good vegan options in an Irish pub, then post a comment!

I’m going to try to post to this awesome blog at least once a month. Time is scarce, but damn, this blog is good.