Vegetable Tacos at On the Border (4 locations in San Diego County)

“Be Our Guest” certificates for On the Border are a popular prize to win and vegans should win them because what do you think the meat-eating prize hoarders are going to order?  Not Vegetable Tacos!

On the Border has a “vegetarian” menu, but not a “vegan” menu.  They should fix that, but they probably won’t because they warn you that the items may be cooked in the same oil that meat was cooked in. Sad.

I always get the Vegetable Tacos (“no cheese .”)  I used to get the Guacamole Tostadas (“no cheese .”)  You get black beans and cilantro lime rice on the side.  The tacos are supposed to have sautéed vegetables inside, but sometimes the chef tries to pull a fast one and put beans and rice in them, which you are already getting on the side.  I tell the server ahead of time to make sure the tacos are made with the sautéed vegetables.

Even though the menu describes “flour soft taco,” the server usually asks if you want a flour or corn tortilla, soft or crispy.  I used to not have a preference, but now I’m realizing the corn and oil are probably genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  So, perhaps you can decrease your GMO intake if you order a soft flour tortilla.  The chips are probably GMO too.  Maybe On the Border should address the GMO concerns.

If you order guacamole make sure to say “no cheese” because for whatever reason, some people think cheese should be sprinkled on top of everything. Sad.

The sopapillas are a vegan friendly dessert because they are made of the same ingredients as the flour tortilla.  I always ask for agave in lieu of honey.  The chocolate sauce is technically vegan, but it has ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and corn starch (GMOs again.)


Dos Equis Promo at On the Border

Dos Equis Promo at On the Border

Cinco de Mayo at On the Border was fun with mariachis singing and the Dos Equis girls passing out free beaded necklaces and coupons (technically checks payable to the retailer.)   Also available were $5 El Jimador margaritas that came in plastic cocktail shakers that you could keep.  Good news, reports that Dos Equis Lager Especial, Dos Equis Ambar, and El Jimador tequila are all vegan friendly. Woo hoo!