A Vegan Lunch at BLD’s in Valley Center, CA (San Diego County)

As promised, I’m posting my review of BLD’s (Breakfast · Lunch · Dinner), casino dining at Valley View, Casino & Hotel (16300 NYEMII PASS ROAD, VALLEY CENTER, CA 92082.)

I won a $100 dining credit and wondered what I could possibly get.  Even though the BLD’s menu showed no signs of vegan-friendliness (the “Tofu & Mushrooms” is actually vegan, though), lucky thing I stumbled on in there because the chef (Michael Pinson) was happy to accommodate (even happy to accommodate the fact that I don’t like mushrooms.)  Not only that, but Chef Pinson, server Samuel, and other workers were happy to help me make the most of my dining credit by filling up a heavy bag full of items to take home.  Sweet people!

For lunch I enjoyed a lovely garden salad with green vinaigrette, garlic tofu stir fry with baby bok choy and steamed rice with soy sauce, and bread (no butter, of course.)  Since my dining credit didn’t cover alcoholic beverages I ordered a refreshing juice and seltzer water mixed together.

My to-go bag kept me in delicious meals for days and included: roasted vegetable quinoa-pilaf, veggie lo mein, chilled quinoa salad, garlic tofu + steamed rice, root vegetable risotto, garden salads with tofu & green vinaigrette, and fruit cups. Some of those veggie-dishes included special veggies like orange and purple cauliflower.

I did spend $16.99 out of pocket (yes, a lot of money!) because, of course, my dining credit did not include gratuity and that was the recommended gratuity.

If you want to experience special order vegan dining at BLD’s too, then you might want to call first to make sure they can accommodate: 760-291-5500.  The chef said the kitchen regularly cooks vegetable stock.

If only the other casino diners knew they could order healthy.

If only the other casino diners knew they could order healthy.

Maybe in the future I’ll review The Buffet because I still haven’t claimed my “Free Lobster Buffet” (ewwww!) that you get for joining the Player’s Club.  But I’m scared because one of the servers at BLD’s said they put bacon in the veggies (ewwww!)  Maybe between now and then they can take inspiration from the Wynn Las Vegas Buffet and serve vegan pizza and enchiladas for breakfast!



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