A New & Unique Restaurant Review Blog for Vegan Promotion

I’m finally starting my blog. Not a novel idea and yet the world needs this blog. For this blog I will post restaurant reviews based on my testing for vegan friendliness. But instead of paying out of pocket to dine at such restaurants, I win the gift cards or gift certificates. I save animals by winning the prize that a meat-eating prize hoarder would otherwise win.  Then I agitate for vegan options, which is basically a public service.  I’m such a do-gooder.

One secretary at a radio station I win from says she likes that I win restaurant gift cards because she knows lives will be spared (as opposed to when one of the other regulars win.) I’m such an inspiration.  She also thought my idea to start this blog was a really good one.

I’ve been putting off starting this blog for a long time because I really don’t have spare time, especially to work for zero remuneration. And yet I’m such a giving person.  Sometimes I’m rewarded. I recently scored a lot of vegan food at a casino restaurant of all places and knew it’s time to start this blog. (BLD’s at Valley View Casino will definitely have to be my first restaurant review post.)

I don’t know any vegans in my community who are into this same hobby. They seem to be into protests, potlucks, and meetups at vegan restaurants and that’s all very cool, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t have a lot of leisure time or spare money for that kind of stuff (although I’m sure I’ll eventually get it together to do a potluck.) But I have to eat, so I might as well dine for free, and keep the demands for vegan options going strong. Yes, I am a hard working person of strong moral character.

I’m sure this blog will be beloved, although I doubt I’ll have much time to work on it. Also, WordPress. com seems user-unfriendly so far. Oh well.

Example of regular contest winners/qualifiers in the community.

Example of regular contest winners/qualifiers in the community.



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